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About TAMALE MASA SPREADER PATENT and Simple Iron & Wood Products --
We temporarily closed our manufacturing shop and after a 2 year patent prosecution, we have been granted...
A Tamale Masa Spreader patent.

ABOUT THAT PATENT:  Tamale Masa Spreader has been granted a patent. It is no. 9420802. Most search engines will show you the entire patent by doing a search for the patent no. I summarize it here: The invention  is for making Mexican Nortenio style tamales. It adds some elements of sanitation and convenience and speed to the hand making of tamales.  I am seeking investors so if you have venture capital and have an interest in making a historical Mayan food and an American staple easier and more efficient and sanitary to make; contact Dan via the email linked at paragraph 6 below. More Tamale info begins at Paragraph #2 below. Patent matters are in paragraphs 4 and 5. Paragraph 5 explains the benefits of this invention.

Masa Tamales  
A traditional, tamale making, layout.


(2) Spending most of my youth on a farm having to make, and knowing how to make things out of Iron and Wood; It was also occasion to learn how to make tamales. Was raised making tamales; since about age 8 in 1962.

From planting and harvesting the corn, (and maintaining that old tractor!) to spreading the masa and assembling, cooking the meat filler and cooking and packaging and storing tamales, have amassed considerable experience with tamales. Have a few recipes for the fillers for regular masa tamales. Currently seeking venture capital with manufacturing talent or resources; and developing a strategy for commercializing this unique machinery and/or tools that help make tamales. This project will move forward; more prototypes need to be made. If you want an idea of who owns this patent click on the 3-B icon below.

Tamale Masa Spreader Patent Pending:

(3) This description pertains to the initial embodiment. One embodiment is shown above;Click image for expanded view. Use your browser back button to return here.

(4) Several embodiments claimed in the Patent. Claimed are about: 8 different machines and tools that do the same thing (they facilitate and make efficient and sanitary the spreading of tamale masa on hojas, or corn husks) and 14 variations among those 8. Some machines are adaptable to a variety of motors and actuators;such as: electric motors, sources of compressed air or hydraulic pressure.

(5) The reasons for enthusiasm about this Tamale Masa Spreader are several: Tamales are often a means of income and self support for some typically little old grandmothers who currently have little choice but to do the work of spreading the masa with a spoon or a spatula. The process involves reaching, scooping and skillfully spreading masa, to produce a tamale blank, involving several strokes. This invention produces a tamale blank ready for filling of your choice in about 1 stroke.

Another reason for enthusiasm; is that the new inventions will allow restaurants to economically make a fresh small 1 dozen batch every day; or even on demand if they have a good microwave oven!  

Very little training necessary to use this invention.
They will allow for the marketing of masa and tamale fillers in several new ways:  New "healthier" recipes can be tried with little cost.  

They will make the manufacture of tamales more sanitary. 

They will allow for small batches of tamales to be economically and efficiently made. 

They will allow for different fillings to be economically used in small batches.  E.g. beans, meats, vegetables, seafoods, cheeses, pizza fillings.  

They will considerably shorten the time to make large batches. 

One embodiment is automated yet allows "hand made" claims to be legitimately made.  

Tamales freeze well and have a long frozen shelf life. They love to be microwaved straight from the freezer. They are unit sized servings. They are either finger food or fork food. They can be used in a great variety of ways. The recipes can be varied in many aspects: Chicken, beef, pork or bean tamales are the traditional main 4 but there are also cheese and pigs feet Tamales; among the several other variations. They are delicious, exotic, and a delight to eat. They evoke a unity with a very longstanding civil Mayan tradition.


. Email: click here → 

 You can also send written correspondence to Dan Vera at: the PO box address at the top of this page.

(7) General shop transition and history information below; along with other general past product line info.

Simple Iron and Wood Products began in 1977 in Corpus Christi. It was stopped for several years and restarted in Austin, Texas in 1984, where and when the shop indian (that's me Dan Vera) was going to college.
After becoming More interested in being close to home in order to help Dad with the farm, than with pursuing the professional career, SIWP was opened again this time in Corpus Christi, Texas .

Due to vandalisms and health problems I've had to shut down my manufacturing business just as it was doing quite well.  Oh well.  On to other things.

(1) OK, obviously there is a mismatch with "Iron and Wood products" and Tamales. I gutted my former web page to make this one. Had to change business due to 4 total knee replacements and 3 lower back operations ! I closed and sold my workshop.    So for now no more iron and wood working?  :-(    but still there's hope: There's work I can do. Feel free to browse the pictures below they are informative and entertaining.  

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The staple: corn5-A 
Dry Corn

Click on the Cowboy below to go visit El Ranchero's main web page. They are my friends and client; and they also make tamales.

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